Reference projects

W-tec AG

Capital goods

Apple Hardware, LED Technology from W-tec

Investment volume

ca. 250.000 €

Project description

W-tec AG is active throughout Europe in its high-tech market segment for globally leading IT retailers and cloud suppliers. Currently its customers include 16 of the Fortune Top 100 companies. That's why W-tec AG constantly needs the latest, innovative hardware technologies.

FlexTrade budget is a leasing product that gives companies a flexible way to use the latest technologies without straining their budget. This is the ideal way, especially for medium-sized enterprises, to continually keep up with changing technical standards. As a result, W-tec AG has the option of either expanding its planned equipment or replacing some or all of its modules without worrying about contract runtimes and above all depreciation times. Our customer can negotiate with its preferred manufacturer and choose when and how much to invest to suit itself. This maximum flexibility boosts competitiveness and helps W-tec AG achieve a strong position for a great future.

Company description

W-tec AG is a specialist in IT networks, data and telecommunications services, network security, network planning and design, technical relocations, and the design and installation of intelligent LED lighting solutions. It supports customers such as retailers throughout Europe.

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