Reference projects

V8 Fitness GmbH

Capital goods

Cardio and fitness training equipment


approx. 50

Invest volume

approx. EUR 290,000

Project description

The fitness industry is another market subject to constant technical change, with a huge potential for innovation in the future. Gym operators must keep up with new equipment trends in order to stay competitive on a fiercely contested market.
Another driver of change is the customer, who is always informed about the latest training methods and technical options. That’s why it’s important to constantly replace outdated machines and to provide the most efficient equipment for training.

V8 Fitness has been a customer of Columbus Leasing since 2008. In 2012, its new gym in Wolfsburg was fully equipped with muscle-building and cardio-training machines. Columbus Leasing developed a tailor-made leasing concept for this project that ensured everything went smoothly.
Our partnership means V8 Fitness can work with fixed budgets and does not constantly have to make six-digit investments. Columbus Leasing was able to fully meet the requirements of V8 Fitness. The concept even provides for short-term changes, ensuring our customer’s flexibility. V8 Fitness GmbH and its equipment supplier Medex appreciate above all the fast communication and flexibility of Columbus Leasing.

Company description

V8 Fitness GmbH, headquartered in Wolfsburg, was founded in 2004 as the successor to Sportstudio Fallersleben. It is a franchisor with fitness studios at several locations. With 50 employees, it is one of the region’s largest gym operators. The studios in Wolfsburg run over 65 fitness and kickboxing classes per week, with an extensive range of courses for beginners, advanced participants, and children. Thanks to its franchise strategy, the company is growing steadily.

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