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Malteser Hospital

Capital goods

Communications systems, servers, nursing care technology


approx. 60

Project description

In 2011, the Malteser Hospital planned to upgrade patient communications at the bedside with modern patient terminals. These combine communications and entertainment solutions and offer both patients and nursing staff functionalities that facilitate healthcare and make hospital stays more comfortable. The existing IT infrastructure was extended to ensure optimal use of the terminals.

The primary objective of Columbus Leasing was to couple the technical requirements with transparency, cost-effectiveness, and planning security. That is why we developed a leasing concept for the Malteser Hospital that includes a technology option. This is necessary because the implementation of the terminals for 60 beds requires a long installation period of three months. Together with the supplier, we drew up a project plan to guarantee smooth installation without disrupting work on the ward. According to the leasing concept, the actual period of use only starts with the complete installation of all the terminals. This keeps administration work to a minimum because the entire project can be managed with a single leasing certificate. The technology option also makes it possible to install any required extensions during the leasing period.

Company description

The Malteser Hospital in Berlin is a geriatric hospital with approx. 60 beds. It was planned by the Caritasverband and the Verein Schlesischer Malteserritter. The Malteser Hospital opened its doors in 1966. Focusing on the needs of older patients, the hospital cares for people with acute and chronic disorders and uses special therapies to prepare them so they can live at home as independently as possible. Its specialties include cardiovascular disorders as well as post-surgery treatment, internal disorders, stroke therapy, and the treatment of complications due to diabetes. Furthermore, the Malteser Hospital in Berlin is a teaching hospital associated with the Charité Berlin.

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