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LAMILUX Heinrich Strunz GmbH

Capital goods

Hardware and software (servers, PCs, notebooks, monitors, ERP system, CRM system, operating systems, internally usable software licenses)


approx. 600

Investment volume

per year EUR 350,000

Project description

In 2007 Heinrich Strunz GmbH decided for the first time to look into the option of IT leasing. Although it had for years purchased its IT equipment, Columbus Leasing was able to convince the management of the advantages of IT leasing. There was a focus above all on the greater financing freedom and liquidity offered.

Heinrich Strunz GmbH was keen to quickly invest in user end devices and in its computing center so that its employees could work with state-of-the-art, innovative technology. Also important to the company was that the devices should be replaced after the end of the minimum leasing period to ensure the IT equipment was kept constantly up to date. Columbus Leasing was able to meet all these criteria in an overall concept worked out in close cooperation with Heinrich Strunz GmbH. It covered both the hardware and software as well as all the required software licenses for operating systems and the ERP/CRM solution.

Heinrich Strunz GmbH was completely won over by the services of Columbus Leasing.
More than just looking at the budgeting plan, Columbus Leasing also examined the technical constellation and developed a flexible solution accordingly.
There was also a bonus for the company because the business relationship also eased pressure on the budget.

Norbert Schug of IT & Organisation at LAMILUX Heinrich Strunz GmbH
“Columbus Leasing proved to be a very flexible financing and consulting partner both during and after the project. What impressed us as a business was the enormous easing of our budget and prompt exchange of our equipment after the minimum leasing period. What’s more, Columbus Leasing clearly explained to us the process and course of IT leasing.”

Company description

LAMILUX Heinrich Strunz GmbH based in Rehau produces high-quality daylight systems from plastics, glass, and aluminum. LAMILUX CI systems are used in the construction of both industrial complexes and housing. Their main function is to optimally direct natural light into the inside of buildings. The company is also expert in developing and manufacturing intelligent control systems for air conditioning in buildings. LAMILUX has 520 employees, who generated sales of EUR 150 million in 2012.

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