Reference projects

DAK Gesundheit

Capital goods

Server, Storage, Switch



Number of people insured

 6,6 million

Investment volume

approx. EUR 785,000

Project description

In 2007, the health insurer then called BKK Gesundheit resolved to upgrade its backup computing center with the latest innovative technology. The objective was to protect the database system in case of failure. The core requirement was not only to provide the financing, but above all to preserve the flexibility that is vital to a computing center.

Columbus Leasing cooperated closely with BKK Gesundheit to develop a concept that precisely links financial flows to the technological integration of the systems. Paramount here was combining the technical requirements with transparency, cost-effectiveness, and planning security. Close personal communication between everybody responsible for the project and the creation of a tailor-made contract led to optimal implementation and a satisfied customer.

Dirk Kuch, IT Controlling Officer, DAK Gesundheit
“Right from the start of the project, Columbus Leasing supported us not only as a financing but much more as a consulting partner. This was clear from their focus on our budget situation as well as the technical circumstances. Because of the size of our computing center, we often face new challenges, and Columbus Leasing has proved to be a flexible partner.”

Company description

Headquartered in Hamburg, DAK-Gesundheit is a nationally operating health insurance provider. It was formed on 1 January 2012 from the merger of Deutsche Angestellten-Krankenkasse (DAK) with BKK Gesundheit and BKK Axel Springer. With some 6.6 million clients (in 2012), approx. 14,500 employees, and some 870 branches, DAK-Gesundheit is Germany’s third-largest public health insurance company after Barmer GEK and Techniker Krankenkasse.

As a reliable health partner and expert in social insurance, DAK-Gesundheit always focuses on the requirements of its customers. The quality of its products has been confirmed by various quality certificates, including endorsements from Stiftung Warentest, Ökotest, FOCUS MONEY, and the economic magazine €uro.

Furthermore, DAK Gesundheit provides service 24/7 through its customer centers throughout the country, an online branch with electronic signature, and a hotline.

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