Life cycle management

Investing in technology with a future is no easy task. To make the right decision, you have to identify the optimal technology for your processes and weigh up the cost-benefit ratio. Columbus Leasing is firmly on your side as a business partner independent of vendors, suppliers, and banks. Your needs and wishes alone are important, and we tailor our analysis and advice to them. Our many years of experience and our enthusiasm for keeping up with developments in all areas of technology guarantee we can support you optimally in terms of products and prices.

Every day, we deal with the procurement of innovative products, so our longstanding activity has given us a large network of contacts. That’s why we can often achieve good conditions from suppliers and vendors, which we pass on to our customers.

Even so, we remain independent. You not only save on the price of your investments, but also benefit from our support during the procurement process.

Procurement is not the end of the story. You still have to integrate the new technology into your operative business processes. Hardware, medical technology, and software take time to become fully assimilated. Our utilization concepts take these installation phases into account. Your success here is important to us because you don’t want to waste any time.

The stand-out feature of Columbus Leasing models is their flexibility. We tailor the installment payments to your specific requirements.

Together with you, we can adjust contractual periods and payments to your needs so you get the greatest possible benefit.

Linear model

Constant, predictable leasing installments throughout the leasing period.

Progressive model

Progressive Model

Increasing installments are ideal for new business models because the leasing pattern adjusts to match profit expectations.

Back Degressive model

Degressive Model

A degressive model features decreasing leasing installments characterized by higher repayment rates and lower interest shares.

BackVolatile model

Volatile Model

We can structure our models to suit your specific needs - even payment-free periods are possible. This is how we can adjust to your profit expectations, your liquidity planning, and your cash flow.


Leasing model with installation and replacement phase

In the case of extensive projects, it’s not possible to install everything at the same time. That’s why we perform partial installations, dividing the various installation stages into individual batches, then bringing them together at the end. The same applies to de-installation and replacement of the capital goods, performed without interrupting your business operations. We define replacement phases in which you can divide the replacement into various batches.

Long-term cooperation


Ever-shorter innovation cycles force companies to react more often and faster. That’s why we don’t offer our customers standard solutions, but

devise customized leasing models. Even technologies you are already using can be supplemented or replaced within the contractual period.

Leasing installment increases

If changes occur during the leasing period due to early replacement of capital goods or additional investments, we can spread the extra investment over the remaining period.


Leasing installment extension

If additional investments are required, the leasing period is extended, while the installment amount remains the same. That avoids any effect on your planned budget and liquidity planning.



Leasing installment increase and extension

If extra technological solutions are required during the leasing period, a combination of leasing installment increase and leasing period extension is possible.



De-installation and extension

If early de-installation of individual capital goods is necessary, it is possible to adjust the leasing installment for the residual leasing period. You also have the option of continuing to use either all capital goods or just some of them beyond the originally agreed leasing period. If extra technological solutions are required during the leasing period, a combination of leasing installment increase and leasing period extension is possible.


“Workbench”, our internet portal, makes managing your network, computing center, work places, hardware, and software easy. With one click you know immediately where which piece of equipment is in use, what it costs, and what elements it features. Save lots of time and bring a smile to the face of your controller, because with workbench you always settle accounts to the right cost centers. When you cooperate with us, we’ll also be happy to take on the management of your data. Down to the last detail. After processing, we make your data available to you easily via our workbench internet portal. Via the portal you can

evaluate your contractual status at any time, checking all relevant data such as individual prices, features, serial numbers, invoice numbers, locations, and cost centers. When you edit data via workbench, you directly access our real-time data. This is how we know as soon as anything changes at your end and can settle according to the right cost center immediately. But workbench does not operate as an independent system. It is connected by interfaces to your ERP system. You can also easily and conveniently manage your entire existing IT setup using an upload function.

“Workbench” internet portal 

equipment management

  Workbench pools all your technical and commercial data in one database you can access at any time. It also allocates the leasing installments to your specific cost center system.

Example: linear leasing model with two cost centers


Cost center 1
Cost center 2

It’s important to us at Columbus Leasing that your business routines run smoothly, with a minimum of disruption. That’s why we’re happy to organize return transport and disposal for you. We cooperate with selected partners who specialize in the packing and transport of

technology products and guarantee everything goes without a hitch. If necessary, we take care of correct and environment-friendly disposal in the same dependable way.

Even today, many companies and authorities still treat their data very carelessly. Above all at the end of the useful life of IT systems, data security is often neglected. This is despite the fact that experts at the Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik BSI (German Federal Office for IT Security) agree that professional data deletion belongs to the basic requirements of data security.

Together with our professional partners, we guarantee 100-percent safe, TÜV-tested, and certified erasing of your data and data media.

It’s important to us at Columbus Leasing that your data does not get into the wrong hands at the end of the leasing period. <That’s why, together with our partners, we chose Blancco, the world’s leading and most widely certified service supplier in this field. Its deletion software guarantees complete data destruction for all hardware such as servers, PCs, external drives, and electronic media, and in this way ensures long-term risk minimization for public institutions and businesses.

Deletion of company data is important - but the corresponding proof is just as essential. The certified process includes an in-depth, itemized deletion report. That makes it easy to carry out a comprehensive audit of deletion management and to provide all the necessary proof. The comprehensive deletion report meets and in many cases exceeds the criteria required in statutory standards and compliance regulations.

You want to invest in new technologies for your company and are looking for a buyer for your used IT, communications, and medical technology? We have decades of experience, technical know-how, and an international network of dealers. That means we can re-sell your

used capital goods at fair market prices. What’s more, we take care of transport and data deletion. Once we have collected your technological equipment, our specialists tune it, and our brokers re-market it.

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