International accounting

Leasing models according to IFRS, US-GAAP

Optimal strategies also for international accounting

We believe large investments in technology shouldn’t be a burden. Nor should you have to bear the risk of unforeseeable accounting losses due to premature replacement of the equipment you buy. That destroys the balance between useful economic lifetime and statutory amortization period. Your advantage with operating leasing - if your company reports according to IFRS/IAS or US-GAAP - is that hired assets are not capitalized in your accounts. The monthly 

payments for use are balance-sheet-neutral operating expenses which go directly into your income statement. That improves your bank rating by altering the balance-sheet relation, and leaves scope for more investments in your company that are also necessary. To ensure you can exploit this scope, our contracts comply with all commercial and tax regulations. If you report according to IFRS/IAS or US-GAAP, we draw up your contract accordingly. Columbus Leasing alone bears the remarketing risk at the end of the contractual period.


Our leasing models


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