Salary Ordinance for Institutes

Requirements of salary systems of institutes according to § 7 of the Instituts-Vergütungsverordnung; InstitutsVergV (Salary Ordinance for Institutes):

Institute disclosure report for 2015:

I. General remarks:

Columbus Leasing GmbH is not bound to collective bargaining agreements and is not a major company in the sense of § 1 InstitutsVergV. The management of Columbus Leasing GmbH is responsible for the development and determination of the salary systems of its employees. The salaries of the managers are determined by the Administration and Supervisory Board of Columbus Holding AG.

II. Salary components for administration and in-house sales 

  1. Payments are made in the form of fixed salaries.
  2. Travel expenses or the provision of a company car can be added to the fixed salary components.
  3. Annual target agreements are reached which are rewarded with single annual bonuses within a fixed framework.

III. Salary components for field sales staff

  1. Over 50% of the payment consists of a fixed salary.
  2. The variable share of the payment is determined according to the net new investment volume and can therefore be directly influenced by each individual field sales employee.
  3. The provision of a company car is among the fixed payment components.

IV. Payment components for managers

  1. The payment is dominated by a fixed salary.
  2. Bonus payments are determined according to the development of the company value.
  3. The provision of a company car can be among the fixed payment components.


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