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In many aspects, LED lighting is superior to conventional lighting methods. LED lamps not only use less electricity - obviously a major motivation for businesses - but today they are also linked up to form intelligent lighting systems. Combined with sensors and data lines, they can even be optimized to provide an innovative building management system.

Novel LED lighting systems supply electricity to diodes via network cabling rather than normal electrical cables. This means the cables can simultaneously be used for data transfer, for instance to transmit information from sensors on the lighting elements to a central server. The technology costs roughly the same as a conventional LED lighting system. However, because each individual light in the building can be monitored and controlled, energy savings of up to 80 percent are possible.

LEDs can be controlled from a central point, reducing energy consumption by 10 to 20 percent. What’s more, the cabling provides a return channel. This is why each lighting element can be equipped with a sensor unit that enables optimized lighting levels and simultaneously ensures the LEDs always function efficiently. Sensors like this can collect or transmit detailed information about current temperature levels or determine where people are in the building.

You can avoid the initial high investment cost with our leasing models tailored to your business. Spread the initial investment over several years without overstraining your maintenance budget. Best of all, the leasing installments are less than the monthly energy saving - so upgrading to the new technology pays off within the leasing phase.

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