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Computer tomography (CT) is a further development of the classic X-ray process. It is used to display individual layers of the body without overlapping. CT scanners are among the most important equipment used by radiologists to diagnose many disorders. Today, this technology is used in all district hospitals and also many specialist doctor’s surgeries.

In a computer tomograph, X-ray sources and opposing image capturing systems rotate in the same direction around the patient. This is in contrast to classic X-ray machines, which only take images from one direction. The X-ray source generates a narrow X-ray (fan-shaped beam). This passes through the body. The detectors opposite the  X-ray source receive the weakened signals that have passed through the patient’s body, process them electronically and transfer them to a computer for evaluation.

These innovative medical systems cost between EUR 250,000 and EUR 1 million. Columbus Leasing develops tailor-made   leasing models   that suit your specific requirements. You are not limited to particular vendors, but can select your preferred devices and components yourself. Simultaneously, our flexible leasing models that enable constant replacement and expansion of your equipment ensure you are always up to date and ready to face increasing patient demands.

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