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State-of-the-art technology

Companies of all sizes have long recognized the potential of technology leasing as a way of saving capital. Usually, technological solutions are costly and must be financed from the capital that could otherwise be used for e.g. research and development. In today’s global market, most companies face strong or emerging competitors who use the latest technologies. That means up-to-date, efficient solutions are often a necessity rather than a luxury. Leasing is an innovative alternative to purchasing technological capital goods, giving you the advantage of lower risk and uncertainty, and increasing your options for using your operative budget. Companies that lease equipment often confirm that they benefit from a greater scope in their technological options. Continuous upgrading toward the end of the leasing term preserves this increased scope.


Operative flexibility

Depending on the product category, leasing periods can be anything from a few months to four or more years. Usually, new technology resources are written off over a period of up to eight years, while the real planned period of utilization is frequently shorter. In view of technology cycles of two or three years, users can benefit through leasing from a continuous improvement in value for money and are not stuck with capital goods that are out of date before they are fully written off. Furthermore, at the point of procurement they are not forced to invest in over-dimensioned hardware at excessive prices. Leasing avoids unnecessarily tying up resources. It gives you the freedom to invest in other areas.


Payment flexibility

A special feature of Columbus Leasing solutions is the flexibility that enables us to tailor your installments to your specific requirements. Best for you may be for instance a degressive leasing model with decreasing installments, a higher repayment rate, and lower interest payments. On the other hand, progressive leasing models are ideal for start-ups because the installment pattern is coupled to anticipated profits. In consultation with you, we can adjust contractual periods and payments to your specific requirements for your maximum benefit.


Upgrade flexibility

Your company is expanding, tapping into new markets, or growing over-proportionally? As a financial products supplier for technology investments, we quickly adapt to your changed requirements. That’s because our models come with extra flexibility in case you want to expand. To ensure your hardware is always cutting-edge throughout its period of use, you can replace or add to it at any time. You don’t need any additional contracts or agreements - we simply incorporate your new equipment into the existing framework.


You can adapt to changed requirements anytime

Markets and business fields change all the time, with increasing complexity and dynamism. That’s why you constantly adapt and change your company’s business approach and strategy. This can easily alter your capital goods needs. If you find it would make sense from an operative angle to use the equipment longer than initially planned, you can always extend its period of use.


Residual value risk

Leasing from us means we bear the risk of technology becoming outdated, including any costs for reselling or scrapping, while you benefit from the use of technology at predefined payment rates and over a fixed period of time. The extensive range of vendors gives you even more advantages - lower leasing payments initially and an efficient source of extra capacity later. Because we take care of all this, you don’t have any vague residual value risk, even if at the end of the period of use the leased equipment is worth less than originally anticipated.


Disposal and data protection risk

Due to the high demand for innovation in the industrialized countries, IT hardware lifecycles are becoming ever shorter. One consequence is the increasing importance of the safe and environmentally responsible disposal of capital goods. Looking at the decommissioning of PCs alone, forecasts indicate more than 800 million units over the next four years. We cooperate with selected partners specialized in the packing, transport, processing, and eco-friendly disposal of technology. They guarantee a smooth decommissioning process. What’s more, our partners promise to scrap your outdated equipment in its country of origin. You can also rely fully on our expert deletion of your data in line with the applicable regulations.



As a financial products supplier that has been family owned for more than twenty years, Columbus Leasing belongs to a small group within the financing sector. The vision of the company founder was and remains meeting customers’ requirements responsibly to create lasting, trust-based partnerships. That is why our operative activities focus on intensive, good contacts with our customers. As your reliable partner, we consider the entire lifecycle of your equipment so that we can support and advise you in every phase with technical and financial know-how. Because we are independent of manufacturers and banks, we offer you individual solutions that match your needs.

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