„Residual values,
  get-out option,
  contract period – ...
... we have nothing
     to hide.“
Wolfgang Marschall
General Manager
Together with you we develop leasing
models that suit your requirements, ...
... We believe that’s the only way
to create lasting partnerships.
„Innovative products that go
  beyond standard technology
  are rarely available through
  leasing – ...
... except from us.“
Rainer Besserer
Senior Consultant Financial Services
Life is like riding a
bicycle - in order to
keep your balance ...
... you must
keep moving.
Albert Einstein

Why is technology leasing not just a great financing option, but also a strategic decision to boost your productivity?

Columbus Leasing is a financial manufacturer for technology investments. Always with an eye for detail, we create leasing models for innovative products in the fields of IT, communications, and medicine. Everything we do centers on customized solutions that save you resources, provide long-term planning security, and guarantee a constant innovative edge. We have no associations with particular manufacturers, banks, or suppliers. It’s this independence as well as our financial and technological know-how that has made us the optimal business and consulting partner for medium-sized enterprises and public institutions since 1992.

The pace of change of innovative technology is breathtaking. Alongside this rapid development, users require ever more sophisticated solutions to support faster processes, cut costs, and power innovations. Many new technologies that seem superfluous in short-term planning can become the necessary standard in the medium and long term. Our solutions make sure you have access at all times to the state-of-the-art technologies you need. Leasing is a key factor that increases your efficiency and productivity, giving you the edge over competitors. This is where Columbus Leasing comes in. We build up trusting, long-term business partnerships with our customers.



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